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Identifying honey bees

Swarm of Bees

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Swarm Collection

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Do You Have a Honey Bee Problem?

We only collect honey bee swarms, so we recommend identifying your bees prior to contacting us. However, if you are unsure of the type of unwanted swarm you have, get in touch for free advice.

Honey bees in a general cluster in trees, fences, compost bins, bushes and can occasionally form in wall cavities.

We recommend dealing with bee swarms in a timely manner to prevent them from moving on into difficult to reach places.

What is a swarm? 

All honey bees swarm, it's their way of reproducing. They will slim the queen down so she can fly taking up to half of the colony with her. When the new honey bee colony is formed, this is what is referred to as a swarm. A hive will swarm more than one if not maintained properly. Once you see a swarm, you'll never forget it. It's quite a sight to see.

Prices & Areas Covered

Swarm collection is free in the local area of Seaford, Newhaven, Peacehaven and Lewes. I am a bricklayer by trade, this means if any structural work will need to complete in order to remove the bees, I can personally do this for a competitive price. This can be negotiated on the site visit. To arrange the collection of unwanted bees at your home or business. Call Paul, AKA The Bumbling Beekeeper on 01323 658078, email me at or contact me using the form below.

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  • What type of swarms can The Bumbling Beekeeper remove for me?
    We only remove honey bees (Apis mellifera) that are swarming in resedentioal and commercial prmises within Sussex. We can travel furthe ron request.
  • How much does it cost to remove a swarm of honey bees?
    If a swarm is easily accesible and requires no structural work or dangerous access to retrieve, there is no cost and our services are free.
  • Can someone come and collect a swarm?
    This answer has been copied from Google and must be re-written before site live. First to re-iterate, swarm collectors only collect swarms of honey bees. Yes, on most occasions a swarm of honey bees can be collected by a beekeeper who wants to increase their stock of bees. The exception to this is when: there is no beekeeper available to collect the swarm the bees you have are not honey bees – see how to identify honey bees the honey bees have settled in an inaccessible place, for example if they are deep inside a chimney – we can advise about this Please note that no guarantee can be given that someone will be available to attend or that the beekeeper will collect the swarm. The final decision as to whether a swarm is safe or viable to collect lies solely with the attending beekeeper. We only collect honey bees and under no circumstances will we destroy honey bees or any other types of bee/insect. Back to Top
  • Is a swarm of bees dangerous?
    In short, no. But once settled, Honey bees will start defending their hive so its imperrtitve to remove your unwanted swarm as sson as possible.
  • What can I do if the bees/insects cannot be collected but I need them to be removed?
    If your unwanted bees cannot be collected by myself, or a local beekeeper. We reccomend contacting the Environmental Health Department of your local district council. Whilst councils don’t consider bees (whether honey or not) as pests they do provide control services, that vary between councils, so might be able to deal with your visitors should they turn out not be honey bees but rather some pest.
  • What if bees are inside my wall cavity, chimney or roof etc?"
    Unfortunatley, this will not be a free service bacause of the structura work involved. The site will need to be assesed and a free, no obligation quote will be provided.
  • How do i identify if my bees are honey bees?
    If its possbile, send us a photo of a dead bee if there is one nearby. Or alternativly: To determine if the swarm that you need help removing is honey bees please follow this. identification check-list on the British Beekeepers Association website.

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