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What We Do

Our Beekeeping Services

Swarm of Bees

The Bumbling Beekeeper

Our Beekeeping Services


Swarm Collection

We offer a local, swarm collection service for honey bees in Sussex and further on request. On many occasions, this service is free, unless some structural work is needed to remove the bee swarm.


We offer a hive rental service for local businesses or your own personal garden. Help the bee population grow, and produce your own organic honey. 

Hive Rental


This is a service we are currently working on, for small groups to experience bees in their hive and have a taste of beekeeping. To find out more, get in touch with The Bumbling Beekeeper.

Apiary Visits


Hive Sales

If your a beginner or advanced beekeeper, we can provide well known branded beehives and assist with installation, bees and advice on getting started. 

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